These Gas Heaters Look Like Log Fires

In Australia, people can purchase gas heaters that look like log fires. They can be built in or free standing to heat rooms and homes. An Australian company has a large manufacturing facility to supply eight stores, a service department, and an online site with gas heaters that are highly effective and reasonably priced. Gas heaters can work well and look like an inviting wood fire. Gas log fires are a good choice for home heating needs.

Gas Log Fires

Gas log fires are an inviting, attractive way to simulate wood logs burning in a fireplace. Instead of real wood logs which can be messy and have to be replaced as they burn down, ceramic logs are lit from beneath by a gas fuel source. These heaters look like logs but operate as a clean efficient gas heater. They have a fan to distribute heat. These gas log heaters can be built in a wall like a fireplace. Or, they can be free-standing units. All units come with standard flues.

The gas log units consist of a fire box with gas jets at its base covered with a set of 7 or 11 realistic ceramic logs. There is a quiet 3-speed fan to distribute the heat and controls that are easy to use. Each unit has a pilot light that stays on. The standard flue goes up through the top of the unit. The exterior is made of metal in a clean modern design. There is a door with a large glass viewing inset at the front of the unit. Each unit comes with a remote control. The remote has a thermostat function.

These gas heaters can be used with natural gas or with LP gas. There is a conversion kit available for about $150.00. There are several styles and color choices available in many sizes. A person can go to one of eight stores or online to this page to view the many unit choices.


Since this is a gas-fueled heater, it must be carefully installed according to manufacturer’s directions. Companies such as Illusion Australia include both an instruction manual and instructional videos with each unit. They must be safely connected to the gas source and the flue must be properly installed. Consider having a professional heating contractor install the unit. There is service available from the stores also. For additional information go to the website.